Moon Under Water

I send a bunch of postcards out inviting friends to my Rainbo show. I don’t expect most of them to come. After decades of doing this thing, I know to temper expectations. Whenever anyone shows up or even responds, it’s a happy surprise. Lucy writes that she’ll come to mine if I come to hers.Continue reading “Moon Under Water”

Dead Letter Office

“The dead letter office predates the use of adhesive postage stamps.”  Rick Miller, Linn’s Stamp News People were writing letters with little hope of their arrival since forever. Before there was a regulated rate established for their passage from one place to another. Before typewriters or ballpoint pens. Probably before most of the population couldContinue reading “Dead Letter Office”

Wild Things

I read to my brother at bedtime when he was little. Because his name is Max, Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was a no-brainer. He was rarely bad like the Max in the book but liked to hear about him all the same. My first Sendak book wasn’t Wild Things but In TheContinue reading “Wild Things”