Safe Word

A demon comes into the bar. In the fifteen minutes before I make him leave, he alienates every woman by whispering things in their ears, wedging himself between them and their dates, and otherwise making a spectacle of himself. One asks me if there’s a safe word. She doesn’t want to say the word toContinue reading “Safe Word”

Burnt Pancake

I don’t know where I first heard about the burnt pancake theory but it’s been buzzing around inside my head ever since. The idea is that the first child is a kind of rough draft/trial run full of imperfections and faults that are gradually improved with ones who come after. I’m a first child andContinue reading “Burnt Pancake”

Fallen Leaves

I joined Letterboxd a month or so ago. Though it’s nominally a social network—you follow and are followed, you like and rate and comment, you silently stalk those more famous and popular than you—the main feature and utility of the site is to log seen movies. To say I have a movie-going/watching habit is toContinue reading “Fallen Leaves”