Bad Review

This may surprise you but I don’t like saying bad things. Going negative doesn’t make me happy. I never turn on a movie or open a book hoping to hate it. I may be a masochist sometimes but I don’t go looking for pain. That’s why reading Adam Levin’s horrible Mount Chicago opened such a can ofContinue reading “Bad Review”

Show’s end

Saturday’s the last day for my show at the Rainbo Club. It’s the second time I’ve shown the collages that’ve occupied much of my free time the last two years, but the first that felt right. It marks a new direction I plan to follow for awhile and thus seems more significant than some otherContinue reading “Show’s end”

Dear Art Student

Thursday night I bring a table, folding chair, and rolling suitcase to Union Park on the Ashland bus. I get a wristband and am let in past security to a large tent set up where the tennis courts usually are. I put out my wares, tape a couple prints to the chainlink fence at theContinue reading “Dear Art Student”