Game One

Last Tuesday was game one of the World Series. Most years that wouldn’t be a big deal in Chicago but this year’s different. Citizens who would never otherwise acknowledge baseball are covered in blue and red gear and baby bear insignia. Storefronts, lampposts, and every other available surface is plastered with sinister blue Ws toContinue reading “Game One”

The Flat Five

I’ve been a fan of my good friend Kelly Hogan’s singing a long, long time so when she invited me to make some paintings as her band, the Flat Five, recorded their record, I jumped at the chance.  The kind of harmony singing the Flat Five traffic in is not normally my cup of teaContinue reading “The Flat Five”

Gold Star

I never spent much time at the Gold Star. When I lived in Wicker Park over a decade ago the Rainbo was my bar. But when my coworker Brian suggested I call up Mary Ann, the Gold Star’s owner, to put up paintings there I didn’t hesitate. To say that neighborhood has changed would be anContinue reading “Gold Star”