Putin’s Parking Lot

I’m done talking about our national disgrace for now. Here’s a portrait of Akira, who is sadly no longer with us. Thanks for reading and looking. See ya next year, Dmitry p.s. This is a portrait of Lego, who’s still alive.

What I saw in 2016

Movie lists are stupid. And yet, every year around this time every newspaper, culture site, blog, radio station, shopping circular, what have you, trumpets their picks. I spent much of this year playing movie critic as one of my side gigs and thus saw more movies than any other year in memory. A good chunk of whatContinue reading “What I saw in 2016”


Last week I got an unexpected email. It was from my ex-girlfriend Shay. We broke up nearly two years ago and have had almost no contact in the past year. I wouldn’t presume to know all the reasons why this has been so, but suffice it to say that she wanted to have nothing toContinue reading “Renewal”