Tracy goes to Cleveland

A couple Saturdays ago, my friend Tracy moved to Cleveland. She doesn’t drive stick, so I offered to follow their 26′ truck in her boyfriend’s SUV. She’d buy me a plane ticket to get back in time for my Sunday bar shift. I got to her place at 2pm, as she was doing the lastContinue reading “Tracy goes to Cleveland”

Ex Hex

I got off the plane from Boston last Saturday and headed straight to Constellation for┬áJohn Corbett‘s book-release/concert. Evidently, running around pushing my own book isn’t enough for me; I need to watch how others do it. The real reason I was excited about it is that Doug told me that he and most of EleventhContinue reading “Ex Hex”

Pulling Teeth

I left the house with a rolling suitcase filled with books. I was going for a haircut and found out the kid who’d been cutting my hair the last two years had left the barbershop for a higher end spot. It’s strange how a small thing like that can throw you off. I’d come toContinue reading “Pulling Teeth”