Tuesday afternoon I rang the bell at Bernice’s and was buzzed in. The bar’s closed on Tuesdays but I was there to paint a portrait of Steve, the guy who runs the place. I’ve only been coming to the place a little over a year but it feels like a regular part of the routine.Continue reading “Steve”

Familiar Faces

Painting a picture of a person’s face is a chance for a conversation. Most of the portraits I’ve done over the past few years have been commissioned and often from photographs but in the past few weeks I’ve started on a series of familiar faces painted from life. I shlep my paper and paint toContinue reading “Familiar Faces”

Opening Day

My friend Bill—a lifelong Cubs fan—wanted to get a group together to take in the Sox opener. Since I live a 15 minute walk from the park, I was enlisted to score the seats. We were hoping to avoid the “convenience fees” and sanctioned or unsanctioned scalpers hawking tickets online. Thursday, March 3rd—the day beforeContinue reading “Opening Day”