One Point Perspective

My students are drawing still lifes. There are books and boxes, a tipped over porcelain cup, a soccer ball sitting in an urn in place of flowers. They graph out 18×24 inch paper, then use a viewfinder to make a composition. They use rulers and protractors, because they think this will make their drawings accurate.Continue reading “One Point Perspective”

From God’s Own Graveyard

I found some slides in a drawer. They were mixed in with ones of old artwork, but I’d never seen them before. From God’s Own Graveyard: The Planned Deterioration of America’s Landscape was typed on labels affixed to the plastic mounts. No attribution, aside from Anon. American. 20th c and plate numbers. Judging by the cars, the pictures areContinue reading “From God’s Own Graveyard”

Hello America

The call for entries asked for short pieces of writing (fiction, memoir, poetry, scenes from your life, weird shit that’s on your mind). I emailed an mp3 before finishing to read the rules and regulations. I apply for things all the time. Magazine cover designs, essays, short stories, book reviews, interviews, illustrations, whatever; if it’s in theContinue reading “Hello America”