Textual Healing

I cracked up when I saw the name of the show. I wonder who thought it up. Makes me happy there are Millennials into Marvin Gaye. I thought back to taping “Sexual Healing” off FM radio, not knowing what it was about, but getting a clue when I heard it was my classmate’s mom’s favoriteContinue reading “Textual Healing”

The Three-two Pitch

It’s almost baseball season, so I made a book about baseball. Actually, the book this used to be——of which, only the covers and a few pages remain, though most are covered by drawing and collage——is about baseball, whereas what I made is not about anything I could tell you in words. After months of having to tryContinue reading “The Three-two Pitch”

Elements of Light

Frank texted to ask if I wanted to teach a couple drawing classes at his school. A coworker tore a rotator cuff and was facing surgery, physical therapy, and significant time off. The semester was already underway and they were in a pinch. I started typing a response, then stopped. I’ve had a couple studentsContinue reading “Elements of Light”