Chicago Cultural Center

One of the valuable finds during my epic website spring cleaning was the series of drawings and paintings I made about eight years ago at the Chicago Cultural Center. I spent quite a bit of time there watching people and eavesdropping on conversations. This was during the very brief window of almost having a literaryContinue reading “Chicago Cultural Center”

Hope Take

Got my first shot Wednesday. It was at a Costco on Ashland Avenue, in a provisionally curtained-off area next to the customer service counter, just beyond the checkout lanes. The woman who called to confirm my appointment instructed me to enter through the exit doors, but to be careful because they come out fast andContinue reading “Hope Take”


I was working on some watercolor illustrations for The Rumpus, when something——the same something that often compels me to take on time-suck high-labor/low-reward tasks like moving many thousands of files from one cloud storage space to another——makes me count up how many pictures I’ve made for that magazine and decide all those pictures should live on theContinue reading “Reorganizized”