The Chi

Marie lent me her Showtime password so I was able to finish watching The Chi  this week. I saw the first three episodes as they aired, but chose not to keep paying for a subscription to the channel just to watch this one show. This is a common quandary these days. You watch one thing onContinue reading “The Chi”

a listless list

Year-end lists are stupid and lazy. A reduction of art to sports. Luckily (or unluckily) for you, I feel kind of stupid and lazy at the moment, so here are some things I enjoyed in the past year.   MOVIES   At Eternity’s Gate  Zama  The Favourite Shoplifters  The Area  Phantom Thread  Monrovia, Indiana  First Reformed  SorryContinue reading “a listless list”

Black Duck

You’d think that I ‘d be sick of music after weeks of doing little but editing, laying out, and otherwise futzing with my music sketch book, but you’d be wrong. Nearly every free moment I had was spent either going to see bands, drawing bands, listening to records, or dubbing CDs from the library toContinue reading “Black Duck”