I haven’t bartended in fifteen years.┬áIt wasn’t the happiest experience when I did. Last night I was back at it. The Skylark’s not the Blue Light and I’m not the same guy I was all those years ago either. It was busy enough, with Memorial Day today, that I didn’t have much time to rest.Continue reading “Bartender”

Panoply of Portraits

My portrait show opens at Rogers Park Social in August so I’ve been busy making sure the walls won’t look bare. Published this week: reviews of a documentary about David Hockney, a first-hand history of the LA punk scene, and a book trying to unravel truth from fiction in the life of world-class character Joe Gould.

Oak Lawn Califone

On Friday the 13th I rented a Zipcar and drove to Oak Lawn to see Califone play in someone’s living room. Getting there entailed going through Beverly, where I lived for three years. Thinking about that time as I drove lent a sadness to the trip, but it probably wasn’t the worst state of mindContinue reading “Oak Lawn Califone”