I haven’t bartended in fifteen years. It wasn’t the happiest experience when I did. Last night I was back at it. The Skylark’s not the Blue Light and I’m not the same guy I was all those years ago either. It was busy enough, with Memorial Day today, that I didn’t have much time to rest. But I got through it without breaking anything or pissing anyone off. I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d go back to this job, but sitting by the door of this bar and watching and listening to the clientele for a year and half convinced me to give it a shot.

I’ll get better at it. Next week I’ll remember what a White Russian is for sure…so if you’re free some Sunday night, come see me and I’ll pour you a drink. 

My friend Bill—a recently retired bartender, incidentally—posed for a portrait at Bernice’s Tavern the other day.

No mention of bars or their employees or patrons next week, I promise.

This week I reviewed a Salvador Dali exhibitMarc Maron’s TV show, and Mark de Silva’s dystopian novel, Square Wave.