Waking Dream

I called this new painting “Waking Dream” in honor of my friend Laura Park‘s comic book, Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream, which sits near the top right corner of the composition. But this picture has little to do with what Laura draws and writes about and probably little to do with any of the other books itContinue reading “Waking Dream”

You’ll Do Better Here

On Wednesday I rented a car and drove to Toledo. My friend John Hodgman would be talking on stage to his friend Sarah Vowell and that seemed like reason enough for a road trip. I don’t drive much these days so getting behind the wheel has come to feel almost exotic; a break from myContinue reading “You’ll Do Better Here”

Modern Romance

He comes in first. A fit, baldheaded guy in his late twenties or early thirties. He orders a Jack & Coke and asks for some quarters for the pinball machine. She comes in fifteen or twenty minutes later. A full-figured black woman with elaborate braids. She might be his age or maybe a little older.Continue reading “Modern Romance”