I’ve found the perfect job for me: shelving books in a used-book store. It doesn’t pay much and there’s no end to it but while I’m at it the world is a much more manageable place. There are achievable goals in short increments. There’s a satisfaction from completing tasks but enough variation and creativity toContinue reading “Shelver”


The printer in Michigan that printed the five books I’ve designed and published got swallowed by a bigger printer so I started looking around for alternatives. The new book would have color reproductions—a first for me—so I’d have to be extra careful to find a place that knew what it was doing and could doContinue reading “Dingbat”

Hold Music

Wormhole Coffee, 11/3/23 The Separatist Party at Constellation, 10/26/23 Rainbo Club, 11/1/23 Jackalope Coffee, 11/2/23 Barbara Manning at The Sinclair, 11/8/23 Codeine at The Sinclair, 11/8/23 my parents’ dining-room table, 11/10/23 ************** I talked to Mallory about her forthcoming novel, then we talked about The Signal. Back next Monday with some writing, probably.