The puzzle is on a high shelf of a dead artist’s studio. I’m in her apartment with a friend, picking over unused art supplies. Her nephew invited us to take whatever we want. I have a pile of watercolor paper, brushes, a Pelikan watercolor set, an ancient mat cutter. Faced with so much stuff, it’sContinue reading “Puzzle”


I was commissioned to make a couple illustrations for a terrible piece of writing. This happens. It’s part of the deal. I don’t have to endorse or approve or even tolerate the word salad that accompanies my pictures. Sometimes I’m even the author of said salad. There are ways to make the process worthwhile thatContinue reading “Commissional”

Dust Jacket

I hate dust jackets. They’re like wrapping paper that for some reason we’ve decided not to throw away after buying the book. Shiny and covered with ad-copy. Embarrassing and wrong like a dog in a sweater. Thousands of empty calories. Can you imagine trying to preserve the structural integrity of shrink wrap on something fromContinue reading “Dust Jacket”