Where is he going?

A guy jumps into my cab near Fenway Park. He keeps looking back where he came from. Tells me to drive. A couple blocks down the street he directs me to pull into an alley and stop. He gets out, then stoops to feel around behind a light pole in some weeds, pulls out somethingContinue reading “Where is he going?”

Au revoir Monsieur Godard

Dziga Vertov’s Man With a Movie Camera played at the Music Box with live accompaniment the other day. I get there early like I always do but can’t sit in the front row like usual because the keyboard player/composer’s rig is set almost against the seats. It looks more like a command module than a musical instrument.Continue reading “Au revoir Monsieur Godard”

Books are here!

Thursday a surprise email arrives from the printers. The books are ready a week early. I immediately start to look for a car to rent. All the regular companies can’t accommodate on such short notice unless I’m willing to pay an arm and a leg. I’m not. So I try a site I’d never heardContinue reading “Books are here!”