Live from Berwyn

Friday, the city of Chicago “re-opened”. Kelly invited me to her show at Fitzgerald’s. She hadn’t sang in front of people since February, 2020. I was at that show too. After lunch with a friend in the South Loop, I biked west up Roosevelt to Berwyn. Two-plus months of peddling a couple times a weekContinue reading “Live from Berwyn”

Chicago Repeater

THROKLEY, WILLFITZ & GOIES LLP Re: Timothy Carey/J.J. Grandville Article Dear Editors of the Chicago Repeater: As Timothy Carey and J.J. Granville informed you earlier this week, Throkley, Willfitz & Goies LLP, represents Mr. Carey and Mr. Grandville. We write to support Mr. Carey’s and Mr. Grandville’s——rightful——concerns with the Chicago Repeater’s threatened publication of an article. TheContinue reading “Chicago Repeater”

Rm. 400

In one of my last figure-drawing classes, I try to draw the model with my students. I’m used to easily switching into the tunnel vision necessary to draw, but the lever is faulty this day. Other responsibilities keep intruding into my consciousness. Like that I should be walking around the room, saying something useful toContinue reading “Rm. 400”