Orso’s Honeypot

——Come by the studio! Orso’s Honeypot sits on a busy stretch of Robey Ave. There used to be artists in boarded-up storefronts around here, but Orso’s the last man standing. There’s a whiskey bar/farm-to-table bistro to the left and an artisanal eyeglass emporium to the right. Orso’s work table faces the street so he canContinue reading “Orso’s Honeypot”

El Paseo

I get to El Paseo around 5:30pm and there’s nobody there. Just some kids running around. No dancers, no musicians. I wonder whether I got the time wrong. I’m congenitally early all the time. I start brooding. It’s been a weird day. A couple days before, I got a terse text from a restaurant ownerContinue reading “El Paseo”

Earning Out

When I sell six or seven more copies of Old Style, it will break even; meaning that sales will have covered expenses. In the old publishing world I have little interaction with, this moment is called ‘earning out’. It means that sales have covered the expenses of manufacturing the physical book, advertising budget, and whatever advanceContinue reading “Earning Out”