“Where’s mine?” was Mike Royko’s alternative motto for the fair city of Chicago. Now it’s a podcast about former Chicagoans talking about the town, hosted by Brandon Wetherbee. I did the artwork. More info here.  I wrote about the lousy state of Chicago-based TV shows for the Reader this week.

Saturday afternoon I was among a gallery full of people crowded into Corbett vs. Dempsey.

To hear Ken Vandermark play his horns and tell his stories. Unlike TV shows, our town does not lack for great musicians, and Vandermark is one of the very best. That night I took in Satchmo at the Waldorf at the Court Theatre to complete my day of jazz. If you have a chance, go see this play. Barry Shabaka Hanley is fantastic as Louis Armstrong (as well as his manager, Joe Glaser, and Miles Davis).