I see too many movies. If I went to a shrink, they’d tell me to try and make some friends or something, but I’ve tried that. It’s not for me. Good thing about the movies is you can’t disappoint them. Can’t fail them. They don’t even know you’re there. But they’ve always been company toContinue reading “Flicks”

If you’re going…

The night I arrive, a Wednesday, Deborah meets me and we walk around a bit looking for a place to eat. It’s after dinnertime, so the food part is just for me, meaning there need to be drinks available as well. We choose a hotel bar with an epic Maxfield Parrish painting of the PiedContinue reading “If you’re going…”


Ever since I wrote about the bookstore coming to Bridgeport, I stop by their window and watch it fill with books and bookshelves. One time, the guy helping Joe unpack is someone I used to play chess with at Myopic in the late 90s. The advent of this shop opening where I live in 2021 isContinue reading “Tangible”