Microchip in the Vaccine

I walk up Irving Park to wait for the Ashland bus back home. There’s a guy at the stop. He’s in coveralls, standing a foot off the curb, looking east, then west, his breath visible in every cold puff. His mask is under his chin like a kerchief. The bus comes and he starts yammeringContinue reading “Microchip in the Vaccine”

Meet Ike

I’ve never met Ike, but I just painted his portrait. His owner had heard me on a radio show and decided to drop me a line. It felt strangely backwards, because the order and payment came through before I knew anything about him or his dog. So much of the virtual world is this way;Continue reading “Meet Ike”

Time to ‘Z’ out

Now that the book is off to the printers, it’s time to start over. Like at the bar at the end of the night, when it’s time to ‘Z’ out the register. It’s strange how all-consuming these things get, then you press send and there’s nothing left. I flip through the digital version of the book absentmindedlyContinue reading “Time to ‘Z’ out”