When I first walked to the end of my street to the water, I thought I’d return regularly. I didn’t go back till last week. It’s been almost ten months. Perhaps this was like the Christmas resolution to exercise, cast aside before it finishes leaving your mouth. I had good intentions. It was a warm sunnyContinue reading “Rewake”

Amazon can go fuck itself.

God knows I tried. I really did. They say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So I did. Then the hoop-jumping commenced. They wanted to know everything about me, practically down to shoe size and blood type. I gritted my teeth, but complied. They required me to confirm my mailing address by sending meContinue reading “Amazon can go fuck itself.”

In the Chicagoland Area

Where does a city end and the surrounding sprawl begin? Is it right at the municipal boundary, or is there seepage on either side of the divide? This has been on my mind because of what I’ve been reading and watching the past week. The Reader accepted pitches for reviews of the new John Wayne Gacy miniseriesContinue reading “In the Chicagoland Area”