Papa’s (Compleat) Poems

I mentioned in April how I was working on some kind of book-thing made from Russian poems my father sent me. Now I’ve done it. I found folders at Staples with metal prongs so I could spindle pages rather than bother with binding. That made the thing more feasible. That’s often the case——if I can picture aContinue reading “Papa’s (Compleat) Poems”

Full Circle

I bike to Pilsen in the morning Saturday. Avi opens the door as I’m walking up. I follow him upstairs. I’m here to help Sophie with her art school applications. I met her when she was five or so. Time flies. Her mom, Wendy, and I went to art school together at the beginning ofContinue reading “Full Circle”

Things that I used to do

I look at pictures I made even a couple years ago and wonder who made them. This doesn’t happen all the time——some stay all too familiar——but oftentimes these days I catch myself doing a double-take. It’s an odd feeling. I know factually that I’m the author, but it looks like the work of a stranger.Continue reading “Things that I used to do”