I made a poster for Chicago Humanities Festival. Not sure how many they printed but I think not many. Drop them a line if you’d like one.

I made a drawing of the view from my kitchen window. It might give a clue why I don’t spend much time in that room. 

I made a Lorraine Hansberry portrait for The Dial Bookshop and put in a shift behind the register at Pilsen Community Books. 

Late in the afternoon a man came in and speed-walked toward the back of the store. He returned with a paperback. I said, “You look like a man on a mission.” He replied that he knew most of what was in the book but a few things stuck out so he decided to get it. I looked down at the cover for the first time. It was The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus.

—I wrote about a movie in which Melissa McCarthy forges famous writers’ letters and a reimagined theatrical version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.