Used to

I saw a girl who used to work at the coffeeshop in my neighborhood. I looked back after passing her on my bike and she turned, hesitated a moment, then smiled and waved.  I used to sit inside but now mostly sit outside. Probably plague thinking. I used to be able to get a lotContinue reading “Used to”

New Frame

If you’re an artist who works on paper you dread frames. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for a few simple wood mouldings, cut glass, a window mat, and some foam core more times than I can recall. In many of those instances, I sold the artwork for just enough to pay off that expense; sometimes,Continue reading “New Frame”

Bad Summer

I have no intention of getting on a plane ever again but a $300 credit from 2020 is about to expire so I book a flight to New York. I’d read in the Times about some Polish guy in Greenpoint running a video store/micro cinema and want to see it for myself. I look up the schedule and pickContinue reading “Bad Summer”