I’ve done¬†many pet portraits¬†over the last couple years but few have been of animals I knew or have even met. I had a dog for a short time and shared a home with my ex-girlfriend’s dog, Porkchop, for three years, but I’ve never had a connection with an animal which would inspire me to get their portrait done. Pet owners have thousands of photographs of their beloved friends but a painted likeness seems like more of a commitment. Aside from the money involved, right or wrong, everyone is at least an amateur photographer now; whereas few adults consider themselves painters of any kind. I’m always happy to get these jobs but wonder sometimes about what it means to immortalize animals I know next to nothing about.

Ernie and Eddie are Kelly’s dogs and I didn’t paint their portraits for money. I’ve spent some time with these guys and we get along pretty well. Kelly’s just moved back to town and the paintings are for her new place. I hope to see more of them now and there will likely be more portraits to come. But in the meantime, I just got a commission to paint a cat on a bookshelf. I’ve seen neither in person but I’ll do my best.