Go read Lydia Davis’ story collection which this painting (as well as this week’s newsletter) is named after. It’s killer. This painting and a few other recent ones will go up at the Gold Star this Thursday and will stay up until somebody buys them or Mary Ann tells me it’s time to take ’em home. I get criticized sometimes for putting my stuff up in bars, but until the museums start calling I’d rather have them up on walls where people might see ’em rather than in my place where no one ever will. 

I went to the Chicago Jazz Festival and heard a bunch of good stuff including The Tim Stine Trio, 

The Dave Rempis Quintet, 

Steve Gibons Gypsy Rhythm Project, 

Hearts & Minds, 

and the Mary Halvorson Octet. I prefer to hear bands play in small dark rooms but it’s hard to stay away when there is so much amazing music.