Stan called a few weeks ago and said painting and remodeling on his new gallery space was done early. He didn’t want the room to sit empty so we put up my show early. It’s the first show since he was forced to move because of a greedy, unreasonable landlord who wanted to double his rent in the middle of a plague. Starting early will help us gauge what hosting an art show means at this point. 

Drawing a face is one of the first things a child does. They draw their mother, their father, their brothers, their sisters, their friends. Some find a mirror and try to draw themselves.

I’ve been drawing faces a long time. This show gathers drawings and paintings from the last four decades of my life. Whether done from observation, imagination, memory, or photograph, each is a reckoning with a person’s face—the aspect which sets one apart from every other person, yet also reminds the viewer, to a greater or lesser extent, of everyone else they’ve ever seen. It’s the most particular and universal image we have.

—A part of my painting graces the cover of this new cabbie book.