Idiot Prayer

Kelly Hogan is one of the dearest people in the world to me. But even if I didn’t know her I’d do what I could to push the new Flat Five record on you. Their music is a strangely insistent ray of light in the oppressive gloom of today. Buy it and you’ll feel like maybe we’llContinue reading “Idiot Prayer”

Kickoff Receipts

When I visit my parents in Brookline I always spend some time in the basement. Like all good parents they keep their children’s old crap with the thought that those children might want it some day. It took decades but I’ve now become the kid that wants to root through his past. On my lastContinue reading “Kickoff Receipts”


Don Quixote’s in the air. It started with Cervantes, the old man at the polling place Tuesday and has hovered around the edges ever since. The layer upon layer of self-delusion in news accounts of the monster’s reaction to the results of the election have more than a whiff of the old knight-errant’s spirit. It’sContinue reading “Quixotic”