2020 Film Notes

I mentioned in the last letter that I tried to write about every movie I watched. Turns out my resolution only held out a couple months. I think the following covers January to March. Color Out of Space — Richard Stanley’s return to directing after being run off the set of The Island of Doctor Moreau by ValContinue reading “2020 Film Notes”


I watch a lot of movies. I have for a long time. It probably became a lifelong thing from working in a movie theater in high school. Movies are easy to get lost in, especially if you’re unhappy in your everyday life. But it’s always bothered me that I was taking in all these imagesContinue reading “Offscreen”

Let’s Get Lost

Chet Baker looked like Elvis but he didn’t die on the toilet like the King; he fell out a window. He was a junkie. But, boy, could he sing. I probably first heard him in Bruce Weber’s awful fashion shoot/“documentary”. It played at the movie theater I worked at in high school in the lateContinue reading “Let’s Get Lost”