I got to visit Kelly in Wisconsin for the first time since February, 2020.

That meant making a new painting from a window of her house. This one was done from the second floor one, looking up the street. I was gonna say which direction I was facing, but I don’t know without looking it up, which feels like cheating. All I know is that I’d faced the three other directions on previous visits.

February, 2020 was a look at Sugar River, the homes on the other shore, and the Albany village water tank.

The one before that——I’ve lost the date——was from her front window, facing the street. Looking at the former church, that’s now just somebody’s house.

The first one looked across the lawn that is now in the process of being transformed into a mad lab of native-growth plants and grasses. The neighbor’s janky, lean-to garage. We walked by the house and Kelly said it was now vacant. The guy was selling.

Next time I visit, I’ll do a new painting looking this way. I wonder if the garage will still be there. New grasses, trees, and indescribable flora might obscure my line of sight enough that the house will be barely visible.

I look forward to finding out what it’s like.

—I annotated a playlist for Old Style. I read a bit of a new thing into a microphone and Hello America published it. Then I talked at length to my pal, Gil, about my book, etc for his Virtual Memories show.