My barbershop moved recently. I got my first cut in the new space the other day. My barber Kendall and I got to talking about the bare walls. She said the owner wanted to commission a mural. I had a better idea.

I got so excited about it that I went home and got to work.

The shop only takes reservations via an app, so I had no way to contact the owner directly aside from stopping by again. He was out, but I got Kendall’s email and sent her the paintings, plus a few older ones I thought might also fit. I could picture the six pieces on the wall of the barbershop. Now, even the old ones, painted for other occasions and reasons, had a new direction and context. As if they’d found a home after years of wandering, knocking on doors, getting dirty looks, or, worse, no acknowledgment of any kind.

No answer as yet, but I’m hopeful. Maybe it’ll get me a couple free cuts.