So, the book’s done. I’m waiting for the printer to get back to me with an estimate. I decided it would be a paperback so I can start with fewer copies and have a full-color jacket. It was fun to apply what I’ve been doing the last couple years with collage to this thing.

I’d hoped to maybe have another press put this one out, but I don’t wanna wait anymore and have this bottleneck the projects coming after it. I know from past experience that cleaning the slate as best I can makes new things come out better. I can work on many things at once so long as they’re in different lanes. A painting, a couple collages, a pet portrait, a book review, and a book don’t get in one another’s way. But a finished book not out in the world is like a putt-putt driver in the passing lane.

So I gotta get this grandma out of the way for the greater good. To that end, I’m selling the cover art work. Only one of these, so act now, as the infomercials say. 

—Go see Frank Spidale’s show at Firecat. Buy the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame’s anthology of Chicago poetry (to which Frank and I contributed art) and come see my show at the Rainbo Club this Sunday.