The Double

A show at the Rainbo is a special secret. One of those things you know about if you know the bartender or one of the people who will be on the little Polka combo stage behind the rows of Collins glasses. Skyler says they’re playing at 7 or 8 so I get there at 5.Continue reading “The Double”

Variations on a Theme

I’m designing a t-shirt for a jazz club. Or trying to at least. It’s pretty open-ended. Not much guidance aside from the example of the shirt and logo they already have. I start with the obvious thing: drawings of musicians and dancers. But that doesn’t feel right for this place. Too anecdotal. It needs toContinue reading “Variations on a Theme”

Aso ebi

There are about a dozen words in the story/essay—not sure which it is—that I have to look up. Common terms in Nigeria but new to me. They’re peppered throughout the five thousand pieces of text. These words are all that grab my attention. They help me figure out what I need to paint as illustrations.Continue reading “Aso ebi”