Tuesday Funk

I’m working on the things that will go up on the walls of the bar in June. It’s still primarily student-time paintings altered/improved with gesso, acrylic, tape, marker, and bits of ephemera but it’s slowly changing. I don’t know that I can pinpoint how these are different than the ones I made a year orContinue reading “Tuesday Funk”

Portrait of the Artist as

Frank writes me Wednesday morning to say Olivia called in sick and he’s trying to find a new model for that day’s class. I write back that we’ll manage. Not to worry about it. I pack my book along with the Bluetooth speaker I always bring and start the ride west. Three years ago whenContinue reading “Portrait of the Artist as”


It’s Super Bowl Sunday and Mike has the game on. It’s jarring to see a TV flickering in this room. Mercifully, the sound is off. There are a few drinkers but no one but him is watching. I brought dinner from the Turkish place across the street and eat while the halftime show runs. PrestonContinue reading “Fumble”