When I was little I drew animals off the TV. An old man in a captain’s cap showed me how. He lived in a shanty by the harbor and made it look easy. But it wasn’t easy for me. I ripped through the typing paper my mother gave me every week. I hated what IContinue reading “paint-by-numbers”

My friend Lucy

——Let’s get the awkwardness out of the way. I’m transitioning. …is what follows hello and an outstretched hand, fingers beringed, nails polished bright crimson. This lunch in a small Hudson River Valley town is the last social stop of my trip east. The invitation was extended a few weeks ago. I was excited for the visit becauseContinue reading “My friend Lucy”

Hotel Tell-all

I book the hotel through Priceline because it has free parking. It’s in a zombie construction zone part of Manhattan in the West 30s. When I pull up, the doors are chained shut. I peer inside and see some mattresses on the floor, but no other signs of life. No alternate entrance or notices toContinue reading “Hotel Tell-all”