No One to Hear It

Friday I hang an art show that no one may see. The latest viral spike has forced us to cancel a planned concert and opening, but we decided to put up the art anyway. I’ve never made anything with an audience in mind and I’m used to getting no reaction or feedback, so making anContinue reading “No One to Hear It”


I’m working at Pearl Art & Craft. On a break from stashing brushes and paints in overstock to smuggle out and sell to old art school professors at 25 cents on the dollar, I take a look at the community board by the entrance and see a flier asking for someone to stretch and primeContinue reading “Wretched”

The Shitty Part

You broke our date and I wasn’t as disappointed as I should’ve been, because I knew you would, and so, prepared accordingly. The worst is getting exactly what you expect. Market-researched so every inhale and exhale is measured out in precise increments. Why would anyone be happy getting what they want? Give me an ambitious,Continue reading “The Shitty Part”