Sunday evening a bunch of teenagers show up at Thalia Hall. They’re here because their friends or friends of their friends or kids they wanna be like or be with are on the bill. The headlining band has a record out with a big-deal label. It’s a night to celebrate. I have misgivings about beingContinue reading “Lifeguard”

Who’s to blame?

I’ve started laying out Paint-by-Numbers. I haven’t heard back from any of the presses I cold-called about putting it out and don’t expect to. They don’t want what I do yet I can’t stop doing it. Looks like the printer in Michigan will be getting another order from me in a few weeks. It’s hard toContinue reading “Who’s to blame?”


In August Wilson’s Two Trains Running, a half dozen people keep coming in and out of a diner about to be demolished for urban renewal/gentrification/whatever they called it in Pittsburgh in the 60s. It’s such an affecting recurring sequence: people running in and out of the same doors over and over, convinced they’re getting somewhere.  IContinue reading “Traverse”