I have a system

I have a system. It involves numbered notecards and many crates. I start in the basement with the Zs and work backwards to the As. The stairs are the hard part. Even though the crates rarely hold more than fifteen books to maintain alphabetical order, I can only carry three at a time. I loadContinue reading “I have a system”

Flore Medicale

On my way out of town, I leave Dee a birthday present. It’s a painting of a scene from Destroy All Monsters. I make it to Brookline in just under fifteen hours. I know the route so well now entire hours vanish without trace. As long as I have something to listen to, the tripContinue reading “Flore Medicale”

The New Routine

I had my last drawing class and did my last Sunday shift at the bar the same week. I’ve been spending more and more time at the bookstore, so something had to give. It’s sort of an embarrassment of riches but too much is too much. The story of my life is the search forContinue reading “The New Routine”