Lock Street

Across the street a house was demolished and a new one has gone up within a couple months. It’s an astonishing pace compared to the gut rehab of the upper stories of the one I live in. That took a year and a half. The sounds of construction are relentless, whether above my head orContinue reading “Lock Street”

Experienced Ice

The text comes in as I’m driving through Ohio back to Chicago. It’s an offer of a job at my favorite bar. I’d thought I was done with all that almost two years back when I quit the Skylark. True, I’ve done the occasional fill-in shift, but bartending every week felt like it was inContinue reading “Experienced Ice”

to whom it may concern

I didn’t mean to publish another book this way, but here it is. A couple hours after I finish writing this, I’ll get on my bike and ride three-quarters of a mile south to Bubbly Creek Industries, home of Nero Ink. I will look at a final proof of the thing I made, then they’llContinue reading “to whom it may concern”