Ringo was only around the first few months Tangible Books was open. He was an old dog. Joe said that on the farm in Arkansas Ringo went everywhere he went. At the store, he mostly sat on the rug by the New Arrivals, his paws crossed. He was twelve when he passed. A full lifeContinue reading “historical/romance”

RIP Don De Grazia

I lost a friend last week. We weren’t the closest. We didn’t see each other that often. But there was grudging, unspoken respect between us. An understanding that we were cut from similar cloth. I don’t know the circumstances of his passing but know he leaves a young child and a wife behind. He wasContinue reading “RIP Don De Grazia”

A Numbers Game

I deleted two more social network accounts. I didn’t use them for socializing in any way but they still needed to go. I used them to log and sometimes review the books I read and the movies I watched. I thought I wanted to keep track of that but it turns out I don’t. UpContinue reading “A Numbers Game”